About  Eazyworld Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Eazyworld Engineering private Ltd is a fast developing organisation with an outstanding performance on high profile projects and services managed professionally in the fields of Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering. EWE group focus on excellent record of success which is being handled and operated by experts. We have consistently demonstrated a level of integrity and stability that has led to many continuing relationships with clients who appreciate our reliability and timely completion of projects and leadership.

EWE prides itself on the reputation that it has built while providing design, engineering, installation, operation and maintenance of all engineering projects for industrial and infrastructure development. We specialize in providing value added services to our customers ensuring high quality, reliability and 100 % commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our Engineering team has vast experience in different functional areas like project management, Operations & Maintenance, Business development, procurement, training & development and process improvement. Our dedicated professional team will support client business from concept to commissioning and handle all techno-commercial issues in bringing the dreams of customers into reality and for achieving great success.

Eazyworld has a strong tradition of Leadership, Service and Contributions to the communities we serve

  • OUR MISSION : Our mission is to become highest and total quality products and services with exceptional standard with par excellence to work towards recognition by people and admiration to our committed service to complete national & international standards and adding value to our business relationship.

  • OUR VISION : Our vision is to become a diverse company by incorporating our proven experienced reputation and encouraging innovation and growth. To be the leading Engineering company in the world by creating a safe working environment for all clients, To become a diverse company with proven track record & innovation heading towards growth.

    1. Safety -  No operating condition or urgency of service can ever justify endangering the life of anyone. At all times, our first thought and primary consideration is safety for all employees, customers and the general public.
    2. Justice & Fairness -   Doing the right thing at the right time, every time.
    3. Trustworthiness -   Cultivating a reputation of honesty and transparency.
    4. Responsibility  -   Accepting accountability for your actions and living up to high ethical expectations.
    5. Citizenship  -   Developing a sense of community among all those Who encounter.
    6. Respect -   Equality irrespective position, and valuing each person’s talents, perspectives and experience.
    7. Caring  -   Its one endeavored & social responsibility to make the world a better place to live in.